THE SAND STORM : cyberpunk short film

Un futur où l’eau est devenue rare, un passeur d’eau qui survit dans une ville dystopique. Un très beau court SF tourné en secret à Pékin. 

Jason Wishnow—the filmmaker behind TED talks—directs this sci-fi short film about a dystopian future where water is scarce. The film, starring Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, was shot in secret in Beijing during an air pollution spike that required the crew to work with face masks.”

TOKYO cyberpunk place


In this breathtaking science fiction spectacle, a strange mechanical device lands on a desolate world and uses the planet to undergo a startling transformation, that has profound implications for an entire galaxy.


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The Trail’s End

On the final day of his life, an android has an unexpected encounter that alters the course of his existence. The Trail’s End is a short film written and directed by David Rosenbaum that explores a re-telling of a classic: Bonnie and Clyde…or rather the prologue.
It highlights the moment that the two meet and how their journey together begins. Sometimes the end, is just the beginning.

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William Gibson: the man who saw tomorrow
The Peripheral by William Gibson will be published on October 28, 2014 by Putnam Adult. 

The Peripheral by William Gibson will be published on October 28, 2014 by Putnam Adult


William Gibson Interview - May 1985, Heavy Metal Magazine

-HM: That’s all we have room for, unless you have an opinion on Michael Jackson or a favorite color…

-WG: Michael Jackson will go flat fucking crazy eventually- and labial pink.