William Gibson Interview - May 1985, Heavy Metal Magazine

-HM: That’s all we have room for, unless you have an opinion on Michael Jackson or a favorite color…

-WG: Michael Jackson will go flat fucking crazy eventually- and labial pink.


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This Is The Closest Thing To A Blade Runner Anime We'll Ever Get

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Cyberpunk Not Dead 
by Yann Minh cyberpunk french artist

Cyberpunk Not Dead

by Yann Minh cyberpunk french artist


Moments Lost – Music and Art Inspired by ‘Blade Runner’

Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, New York


Now that Google is allowing anyone with a cool $1,500 lying around to score themselves a pair of Glass, you’ll probably start seeing a lot more tech geeks wearing headsets in public talking to themselves. Our hands-free, hyper-tethered future is well on its way! So if voice command interfacing is the wave of the future, what good is something seemingly as reductive as an input keyboard?

That was my question—and guessing I wasn’t alone—until I saw Minuum.

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Dark City (1998) review via #Cyberpunk-Time



Just a year before The Matrix was released, this dystopian sci-fi appeared. It’s like watching a B movie adaptation of the The Matrix, but of course The Matrix is probably an A movie adaptation of this. Alex Proyas’ Dark City is a visionary experience - No story, hardly any character…